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Ill tempered guards at the most notorious border crossings waved him through with cheery smiles. We have the best philosophers in our rickshawalas and bus drivers.

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For those of you who are not aware of this legend he is an indian film actor media personality and cultural icon.

Funny auto rickshaw quotes. Waitresses soldiers rickshaw drivers old ladies selling vegetables my father would schmooze anybody. P love kare en. He was clintonesque before the word existed.

If you call any auto rickshaw for your girlfriend then thoroughly investigate the auto. We spotted this lovely rajinikanth auto ont he streets on chennai tamil nadu. Esa joke sunana us vakt ki haste haste pagal ho jau main.

And of course it paid dividends. When i waved at a passing auto rickshaw little did i expect that this ride would be any different. Haughty maitre d s fawned over him.

One of the many hilarious quotes i have encountered on the back of auto rickshaws and luckily could capture it in my camera as i was sitting in pillion position. Rajinikanth has been called the most popular indian film actor of his time. Today i am not going to post anything like stupid quotes or funny quotes but a true story shared by suvendu roy of titan industries the rikshaw story last sunday my wife kid and i had to travel to andheri from bandra.

Couple who sit in this auto surely gonna break up after reading this. This kind of relationship advice written in auto can get you a breakup. Ek din use chalau main.

Jo uth na pao gadhdhe se to haath dekar uthau main. Auto rickshaws are one fo the most popular modes of communication in india. Tumhare ghar ke samane vale gadhdhe me le jakar use girau main.

Log agar fir aayein ladne un sab se tumhe bachau main. Whether you are driving an auto but the swag should not be less than volkswagen.

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